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    Stephen and Bart JonesWe are excited to welcome Merlin Contracting to our Lifestyle Resource Directory at What Merlin does best is create, with homeowners and architects, homes expressing the personality, lifestyle and artistic expression of their owners. They create spaces for families to live, raise children, and grow old.

    Steve Jones and Merlin Contracting have a commitment to quality and integrity which is exemplified by the number of multimillion dollar homes that Merlin Contracting built were completed  with a handshake rather than a contract. By 1998 the company's growth required that Bart Jones move from supervision to the office. He became the CFO and managed the evolution of Merlin Contracting into a fully technologically advanced company, while still focusing on the priority of personal contact with the homeowners they serve. Contact Stephen or Bart at 702.257.8102 or visit their website.

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